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U.S. Manufacturing Plant Site Selection - Walmart Summit

July 7, 2015

In recent years, major retailers have announced plans to offer more “Made in the USA” products on their shelves.  Walmart is leading this charge with a commitment to purchase $250 billion of new U.S.-made products, which will help create American jobs, and ultimately increase flexibility in supply chains to make it easier to respond quickly to consumer demands.  

Walmart recognizes that asking its suppliers to manufacture products in the U.S. at the same price is no easy task.  Many manufacturers are now scrambling to find locations for their U.S. operations that will allow them to produce products efficiently and cost effectively, and where the upfront investment cost is also competitive.   

To promote investment by manufacturers in U.S. production facilities, Walmart is hosting a series of events to link companies with resources.  On July 7-8, 2015, in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart is hosting its third annual U.S. Manufacturing Summit.  The Summit will include presentations by Walmart executives, “open call” meetings for prospective suppliers to present products to Walmart buyers, meetings with state economic development agencies, and a series of educational sessions centered around topics related to manufacturing products in the U.S. 

In the “Working with Government” session, Michelle Comerford, Industrial & Supply Chain Practice Leader at Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. (BLS & Co.), will discuss site selection location trends, state-specific incentives for manufacturing operations and strategies for obtaining optimal incentives.

As an added resource, BLS & Co. has produced a guide for manufacturing firms considering a location for a U.S. plant. This resource is designed to help companies find optimal locations that are cost effective, efficient and meet operating requirements. Click here to access the full guide, titled “Selecting the Best Location for Your Manufacturing Plant.”

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For questions or more information on how BLS & Co. may assist you in finding the right location for your U.S. manufacturing plant, please contact Michelle Comerford at or 216-973-8872.

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