Tax Credits


Research and Development Tax Credit:  Provides a non-refundable and non-transferable tax credit of up to 40% for R&D expenditures incurred in the State. 

Technology Commercialization Tax Credit: Provides a 28.8% refundable tax credit for companies that invest in the commercialization of Louisiana technology. Program also offers a 4.32% payroll rebate for creation of new jobs in the Louisiana technology industry.


Sales Tax Exemptions: Manufacturing machinery and equipment, natural gas and utilities are exempt from sales tax.

Industrial Tax Exemption:  This program offers an abatement of real property taxes for up to 10 years manufacturer’s new investment and annual capitalized additions to the site for up to 10 years. 


Enterprise Zone: Businesses that create net new jobs and hire at least 50% of the new employees from one of four targeted groups are eligible to receive income and franchise tax credits.  The benefits include either a one-time $3,500 or $1,000 tax credit for each new full-time job created and a 4% sales/use tax rebate on materials, machinery, furniture and equipment or a 1.5% refundable investment tax credit on total capital investment.


Quality Jobs (QJ) program: Cash rebates of up to 6% of annual payroll expenses for new direct jobs for up to 10 years.  The State also has the ability to offer  either a 4% sales and use tax rebate on capital expenditures or a 1.5% investment tax credit for qualified expenses.

Competitive Projects Payroll Incentive Program:  Provides companies with an incentive rebate of up to 12% of new payroll for up to 10 years.  Additionally, the company will be eligible for either a rebate of state sales and use taxes on capital expenditures or a rebate equal to 1.2% of project facility expenses.


FastStart®: Provides free customized employee recruitment, screening, and training for new and expanding businesses.


Last updated: April 2016



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