Economic Development for a Growing Economy Program (EDGE): A refundable tax credit is available to companies that create new jobs and make capital investments.  The EDGE credit is calculated as a percentage of the projected tax withholdings that will be generated by the newly created jobs.  

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit Program (HBI): Companies that create new jobs and make capital improvements to a business facility may qualify for a non-refundable tax credit.  The maximum credit is equal to 10% of qualified capital investment.  Unused credits may be carried forward for up to 9 years. 

Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit: Businesses that relocate a corporate headquarters operation to Indiana, create at least 75 jobs, and have annual worldwide revenue of at least $50 million are eligible to receive a tax credit of up to 50% of business relocation costs.  The credit is non-refundable and non-transferable; however unused credits can be carried forward for up to 9 years.

Research and Development Tax Credit:  Provides a tax credit equal to 15% of qualified research expenses on the first $1 million of investment.  This non-refundable credit may be carried forward for up to 10 years.


Sales & Use Tax Exemptions: Manufacturing and research and development equipment (including computers, computer software, and testing equipment) are exempt from sales and use tax.


Customized Training: Provides special funds for training new and existing Indiana-resident workers.  The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) reimburses eligible training expenses for a two year-term. Companies may reapply for additional SEF funds after their initial two-year term. The State also has the discretionary funds to reimburse – up to $200,000 – for retraining existing workers. Separate supplemental grant awards may be available for training new employees.


Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF): This program provides reimbursable grants to businesses for costs associated with training and upgrading skills of employees.  Grants are typically valued at up to 50% of eligible training costs over a 2-year period.  


Last updated: April 2016



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