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Reshoring & Foreign Direct Investment in the USA

Interested in setting up your first US manufacturing plant? Thinking of bringing your manufacturing operation back to the US? 

In recent years, the US has seen an uptick in new and proposed new manufacturing operations locating, driven by many different global economics:

  • Rising wages in China
  • Rising local demand for products made in China to be consumed in China
  • Rising transportation costs to import products to US
  • Increased focus on risk minimization
  • Increased importance of speed to market for consumer products
  • Increased need for flexibility and modification in design of products

In addition, major retailers have announced plans to offer more “Made in the USA” products on their shelves.  Walmart is leading this charge with a commitment to purchase $250 billion of new U.S.-made products, which will help create American jobs, and ultimately increase flexibility in supply chains to make it easier to respond quickly to consumer demands.  

Walmart recognizes that asking its suppliers to manufacture products in the U.S. at the same price is no easy task.  Many manufacturers are now scrambling to find locations for their U.S. operations that will allow them to produce products efficiently and cost effectively, and where the upfront investment cost is also competitive.   The same goes for other consumer products suppliers and other manufacturing companies interested in US manufacturing operations.

All of these trends working together are helping to drive more overall manufacturing investment in the US market.  And with that, comes the opportunity for companies to evaluate a large geography and multitude of location options in an effort to uncover the optimal solution for their manufacturing needs.  It can be a daunting and confusing task – especially for those not familiar with the landscape. 

BLS & Co is here to help assist your firm with identifying the best location for your specific operating and financial needs.  Our team of experienced professionals can help you identify and evaluate location options that will allow your operation to thrive, and then negotiate state and local incentives that are most useful and meaningful to the project.  For more information on our professional Site Selection and Incentives Negotiation services, please click here.

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If you are considering building a new manufacturing plant, or expanding an existing facility, you may benefit from reading BLS & Co.'s new guide, "Selecting the Best Location for Your US Manufacturing Plant." This helpful resource draws on the experience of our plant location specialists who have spent years helping others find the optimal location for their production operations. 

As experts in the field of site selection and experienced in “Reshoring” projects, BLS & Co principals have authored numerous articles relating to trends in reshoring and site selection in the US:

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