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Alberta Economic Development Incentive Programs


Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC):  Non-refundable tax credit of 10% of eligible capital expenditures, up to $5 million.  The CITC is available to companies involved in the activities of manufacturing, processing and tourism infrastructure making an investment of $1 million or more. The eligible costs under this program include the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings.
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED):  Refundable tax credit available to qualifying companies for up to 10% of eligible research and development activities. 
The Alberta Tax Credit (AITC): The Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) encourages investment in nontraditional sectors with strong job creation potential. A 30% tax credit is provided to investors who provide capital to Alberta small businesses doing research, development or commercialization of new technology, new products or new processes.


Canada-Alberta Job Grant:  Under the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, employers receive up to two-third of direct training costs per employee up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee per year.
 Updated June 2018

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