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Making a location decision often requires orchestration of a daunting range of internal and external resources.  Yet few companies possess the information, the analytic tools or the know how to manage such a project.  The challenge is frequently complicated when responsibility for location decision-making is assigned to an internal team having little or no experience in this process and constrained by the need to maintain utter secrecy.

At BLS & Co. our objective is to give our clients a competitive advantage by helping match their operational and organizational needs with an area’s attributes.  We do so via a well-informed, objective and transparent decision-making process that starts by translating business strategy and critical success factors into locational requirements; testing the business case for potential investments in new locations or expansions at present sites; then if warranted, guiding clients through a location decision-making process using sophisticated tools and techniques to ensure confidence in the ultimate decision.

For more than two decades our principals and consultants have helped companies situate new plants, headquarters, back office and shared services operations, manufacturing plants, logistics and distribution centers, R&D centers and mission critical facilities.

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