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Site selection was once the domain of boutique consultancies whose most compelling assets were their proprietary databases of location information. The internet has radically altered that value proposition by making geo-specific information and data available to everyone. However, these online repositories offer little help interpreting the data, and almost no assistance facilitating an actual location decision – a real drawback at a time when site selection projects have grown in complexity and the timeframe for location decision-making has shortened considerably.

At BLS & Co., we help clients optimize their location choices via deep process expertise, problem solving skills and situational awareness.  And yes, we also have access to the most effective analytical tools and databases available to evaluate labor markets, logistics, costs, regulatory environments and other critical location variables.  We also bring specialized expertise to the assessment of utility infrastructure and energy pricing and to the impact of location on supply chain networks.  We carefully integrate site selection with business incentives and real estate negotiations, staffing and training initiatives and our clients’ overall project schedules. 

We have represented global companies across North America, as well as Europe and Asia, where we are able to draw upon the resources of our strategic partners (BCI Global and Tractus Asia) for specific working knowledge, government and business contacts, and labor force and business climate insights.


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