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Incentive Structuring

Securing incentives is often a complex and rigorous process, with many legal, financial and political nuances that can vary based on the type and scale of a project and the jurisdictions involved.  Identifying all of the incentives that might be available to a project can require considerable effort, particularly in the United States, where incentives are offered at the state and local levels and where such programs reflect a high degree of diversity, eligibility criteria, funding sources and other key features.  Evaluating if a company will be able to efficiently use the benefits is often another major challenge.  For example, if a client has low or no corporate tax liability in a particular state, will the tax credits be refundable or assignable? 

At BLS & Co., we identify and focus on incentives with the greatest potential value while advising our clients on important tactical decisions concerning the level of capital investment and employment that may be proposed, and the various representations and certifications that must be made to qualify for these benefits.  BLS & Co.'s work with public entities focuses on achieving the optimal balance between value and business flexibility for each relevant program.  We do so while closely coordinating with our clients’ real estate acquisition and disposition process, and by crafting a communications strategy and protocols to protect project confidentiality and ensure a company’s public relations standing.


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