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Logistics / Supply Chain Optimization

The most strategic location for a company’s manufacturing plant or distribution center is one which balances the optimal supply chain network design with operating requirements such as the availability and cost of labor and facilities, tax treatment of inventory and personal property and incentives.  BLS & Co. helps clients understand and evaluate transportation costs, shipping methods and service levels for existing and proposed manufacturing, assembly and warehousing locations.  We answer questions related to supply chain strategies, including:

  • Facility Location:  Where should we locate our new operation?  Do we need one facility, two, or more?
  • Capacity Expansion:  Should we grow at our present location or into another facility?
  • Supply Chain Modernization:  Are our facilities in the most efficient locations?
  • Network Optimization:  Is our network configured to achieve a balance of cost and speed to delivery?

Supply Chain Service Issues and Cost Implications


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