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Nebraska Economic Development Incentive Programs

Tax Credits

Nebraska Advantage Package:  Sunsets in December 2020. Businesses that create new jobs and/or make capital investments may qualify for a multitude of sales tax refunds, sliding scale wage tax credits, investment tax credits and business personal property tax exemptions.  This comprehensive performance-based program is organized into six different tiers of benefits that are based on capital investment, number of jobs created, industry sector, and average project wage.  The program has been amended to include a special tier level for data center projects including sales tax exemptions on equipment.

Nebraska Advantage – Research and Development Credit:  This program offers a refundable tax credit for qualified R&D activities equal to 15% of the federal credit allowed.  The credit is increased to 35% of the federal credit allowed for expenditures that take place at Nebraska colleges or universities.   


Nebraska Customized Job Training Program: This program provides employee training assistance to businesses that maintain, expand, and diversify the state’s economic base and, in the process, create quality jobs for Nebraska residents. The program provides flexible and discretionary grants ($800-$4,000) per new qualified job, depending upon wage level, and availability of funding. 

Nebraska Worker Training Program: This program supports the training and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce. All established, for-profit Nebraska businesses that contribute to the State’s Unemployment Insurance Trust (SUIT) fund are eligible to apply for funding through the program. The participating company must commit to a minimum $1 for $1 match for the funding requested.


Sales Tax Exemptions:  Purchases of manufacturing machinery, equipment and related services may be entitled to exemptions from state and local sales tax. 

Nebraska Advantage – Data Centers:

  • Personal Property for computer systems when investment and new jobs are at data center or internet web portal (Tier 2 & 5).
  • Personal Property for up to 10 years on turbine-powered aircraft, computer systems, agricultural processing machinery, and certain distribution center equipment (Tier 4).
  • Personal Property for all personal property on projects up to 10 years (Tier 2 Data Center & Tier 6).
  • Real Property for all real property at projects for up to 10 years (Tier 6). 

Site & Building Development Fund:  Provides funding to create industrial-ready sites and buildings. The fund requires a 1:1 match and is relatively flexible for uses. Eligible activities may include land and building acquisition, building construction or rehabilitation, infrastructure development and improvements, among other things. Grants are awarded to projects based on need and impact, including jobs and investment.

Economic Opportunity Program: This program is used for transportation improvement needs, either roads or rail, for a project. The goal of the program is to attract or retain jobs and private capital investment in Nebraska. A matching requirement of 25% is required by companies, with applicants being local public entities.

Academic R&D Program: The program offers businesses in Nebraska a matching competitive grant for research and development activities done in conjunction with a Nebraska college or university. Applicants must show how the project will stimulate growth-oriented spin offs or new product lines. There are two phases for the program, with funding from Phase II projects being an extension of a successful Phase 1 project.

Last updated: May 2019

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